About Us

Our mission is based on the U.S. Constitution’s original principles and not on any political party platform. We must return the United States to the States and the people as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution was written by our founders to limit the powers of the federal government, instead, giving the power to the people and the States.

As a committed group of ordinary Americans, we will achieve this by promoting candidates who commit to the original founding principles of the U.S. Constitution of limited federal government, states’ rights, balanced budgets, individual liberty, freedom and personal responsibility.

We will also expose the candidates who do not adhere to these basic Constitutional principles. We will support and promote the new “Contract From America,” asking each Senator and Congress member to sign annually to show their commitment. For those who refuse to sign the new “Contract From America,” we will expose those candidates or current politicians who will not commit to these basic principles of freedom and accountability and, instead, believe it is Government who “knows best.”

We believe most Americans do not want out-of-control spending in Washington, bailouts, government controls of private businesses, socializing of Americans’ health care and other non-essential government-run services.

We will support candidates from any party who commit to these principles and expose those who do not, and let the people decide on Election Day. In a nutshell, we need American patriots’ help by joining the Tea Party movement, donating if you are able to and passing along the information about the Tea Party movement to your family, friends and neighbors.