ESA in trouble! Only a few days left in 2017 session!

The fight over Education Savings Accounts (ESA) passed in 2015 may result in an extended session of the Nevada Legislature.  After meeting on Monday, a compromise acceptable to both sides seemed in the offing, until the Democrat majority introduced amendments that queered the deal.  The Republican minority in the State Senate walked out of session rather than vote on a budget bill that did not included funding for ESAs.

The Democrat majority is flexing its muscles and spitting in the collective eye of Nevada taxpayers by their disingenuous actions on this bill.  One unnamed legislator actually told a concerned parent that “payback is a bitch.”  Imagine that.  They are proving, once again, that they are all about power and control and could care less about what is good for Nevada taxpayers and families.  Oddly, negotiated funding for the ESA program depended on a tax on medical marijuana and that’s where things got interesting“…a short-notice hearing Monday and Thursday’s pot vote look like efforts by Frierson and Ford to undermine negotiating sessions that had been too successful….To politicize it further, Ford brought the Senate back into session without Republicans present and proceeded to pass the education budget. One insider told me that maneuver went far beyond typical end-of-session posturing and showed Democrats had made it about politics, not policy.” (Victor Joecks writing in the Review-Journal)

The Nevada Policy Research Institute ( is leading the effort to educate the public about ESAs.  Learn how you can make your voice heard in the last days of the legislative session:  Links to all of the key legislators are on that page.  Write them, and don’t forget to tell the Governor how you feel!

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