Steve Beaman on Trump’s Economic Plan

Steve Beaman on Trump’s Economic


Posted On Aug 17 2016By : Susan Swift Arnall

Steve Beaman, self-made millionaire and business man turned financial educator, explains how Trump’s economic plan will reverse America’s flagging economy by putting money back into the hands of private citizens where it belongs.

Starting out as a retail stock broker for E.F. Hutton in the 1980’s, Steve eventually joined with “two very bright partners” to start Chicago Investment Analytics which became the premier provider of investment research and equity research in the country through the 1990s. Today, Steve is the Chairman of the Society to Advance Financial Education, or “SAFE”, a not-for-profit geared and devoted both toward promoting and providing financial education to regular Americans. He has 30 years of experience in the financial industry and recently spoke to Politichicks about how to achieve financial prosperity.

In the following Q&A, Steve explains why Trump’s economic plan will stimulate the stagnant U.S. economy by cutting personal and business taxes, eliminating sneaky tax code benefits for elite financial gurus, and stopping the massive bureaucratic regulations choking small business.

Steve also explains what is really killing small businesses; why Obamacare will be repealed no matter who’s president; the real threat to the minimum wage; what killed small banks; and what to watch for if the FED raises rates.


Q: What do you think of Trump’s economic plan unveiled recently in Detroit? What are the good points about Trump’s economic plan and what do you think the bad points about it are, if any?

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