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Supreme Court Prepares for Immigration Case

Supreme Court Prepares for

Immigration Case

Posted On 05 Apr 2016  By : shawn

On April 18, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear opening arguments in a lawsuit that 26 states have filed against the Obama administration. Central to the case are President Obama’s 2014 executive actions – known collectively as the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program, or DAPA. These actions built on Obama’s earlier DACA actions, expanding amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. A lower court has already placed an injunction against the administration, blocking Obama from rolling out many aspects of the program until the legality of the actions can be determined.

It is that injunction that will be before the Supreme Court, meaning they may not rule conclusively on the actions themselves. Still, both the states themselves and Republicans in the House of Representatives hope that the court will find Obama’s actions unconstitutional and put this sordid saga to bed once and for all.

“The Executive may disagree with the laws Congress enacts and may try to persuade Congress to change them,” says a brief filed by the House on behalf of the plaintiffs. “But neither any immigration law now on the books nor the Constitution empowers the Executive to authorize—let alone facilitate—the prospective violation of those laws on a massive class-wide scale.”

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Most important issue of 2016: The judiciary

Most important issue of 2016: The


By  (@HUGHHEWITT) • 1/24/16 5:00 PM

When the new president is sworn in on January 20, 2017, Chief Justice John Roberts, who administers the oath, will be 61.

His colleagues, on that day, will be mostly older. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be 83. Justices Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia will be 80. Justice Stephen Breyer will be 78.

The “in their prime” justices will be Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito, 68 and 66, respectively. The “kids” are Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who will be 62 and 56 when the new president greets them at his or her first State of the Union.

Long may the nine all live, happy and full of energy, not frail but full of vigor. But an inescapable reality is that significant change is coming soon to a closely divided Supreme Court.

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TransCanada sues Obama administration over Keystone pipeline

TransCanada sues Obama

administration over Keystone

pipeline rejection

By Ben Wolfgang – The Washington Times – Wednesday, January 6, 2016

TransCanada on Wednesday accused President Obama in a federal lawsuit of exceeding his constitutional authority when rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline and, in a separate challenge, said the White House violated a historic trade agreement, igniting an election-year battle over a project that most considered dead — at least until the next president takes office in one year.

The company, which proposed the project nearly a decade ago, is seeking $15 billion in damages from the U.S. for the “loss of value” of assets related to Keystone.

“In its decision, the U.S. State Department acknowledged the denial was not based on the merits of the project,” TransCanada said in a statement. “Rather, it was a symbolic gesture based on speculation about the perceptions of the international community regarding the administration’s leadership on climate change and the president’s assertion of unprecedented, independent powers.”

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Obamacare Isn’t Done Ruining the Country

Obamacare Isn’t Done Ruining the


Posted On 09 Dec 2015  By : admin

According to a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare is set to erase the equivalent of 2 million jobs over the next ten years. At a time when the economy is tottering on the edge of recovery, the report shows that true recovery will not happen as long as this healthcare law is in effect.

The CBO report does not predict that the jobs themselves will be lost. Rather, they said that new expansions and mandates would encourage many employees to drop out of the workforce voluntarily. “Some people would choose to work fewer hours; others would leave the labor force entirely or remain unemployed for longer than they otherwise would,” the agency said.

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The DNA of America

The DNA of America

By Rick Manning

Adapted from a speech delivered to the Caffeinated Thoughts Briefing in Des Moines, Iowa on Oct. 31, 2015.

Each of us knows that we are living in the most perilous times for our nation in at least 150 years.  $19 Trillion national debt, a devastatingly shrinking Navy, open borders, financial crises, stagnant wages, a rising Russia, China’s challenge are all big, but we can overcome them.

The biggest threat is the incessant internal gnawing at everything American here at home that seems to appear wherever we turn.

The news is full of head scratching events where the government and some of our people seem to have completely lost their moorings.  And that is because they have.

America is the greatest nation to ever have existed in the history of the world.  When I was in junior high school in southern California, my social studies teacher told us that there is no American culture because we are a melting pot of people.  She was wrong.

There is an American culture, and a uniquely American DNA that makes us who we are, and it is that exceptionalism that is under daily attack.

The American DNA was identified by Thomas Jefferson and a band of brothers meeting in Philadelphia in 1776 when he wrote and they signed the Declaration of Independence which begins using the following:

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Would a increase in the top tax rate alter income inequality?

Economic Studies

September 2015

Would a significant increase in the

top income tax rate substantially

alter income inequality?

William G. Gale, Melissa S. Kearney, and Peter R. Orszag

Executive Summary

The high level of income inequality in the United States is at the forefront of policy attention. This paper focuses on one potential policy response: an increase in the top personal income tax rate. We conduct a simulation analysis using the Tax Policy Center (TPC) microsimulation model to determine how much of a reduction in income inequality would be achieved from increasing the top individual tax rate to as much as 50 percent. We calculate the resulting change in income inequality assuming an explicit redistribution of all new revenue to households in the bottom 20 percent of the income distribution. The resulting effects on overall income inequality are exceedingly modest.

That such a sizable increase in top income tax rates leads to such a limited reduction in income inequality speaks to the limitations of this particular approach to addressing the broader challenge. To be sure, our results do not speak to the general desirability of a more progressive tax-and-transfer schedule, just to the fact that even a significant tax increase on high-income households and corresponding transfer to low-income households has a small effect on overall inequality.

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The Establishment Birthed Trump


The Establishment Birthed Trump

By David Limbaugh Last Updated:September 27 @ 01:14 pm

Much of the establishment’s criticism of Donald Trump comes from its failure to comprehend the reasons for his soaring popularity.

Establishment types seem untroubled by the problems facing America, so they can’t understand the urgency that fathered Trump’s rise. Minor adjustments to the Hindenburg’s dining room menu just aren’t going to get it.

Their overwrought analysis, their hand-wringing and their contemptuousness for Trump betray a disdain not only for Trump but for Americans who recognize the gravity of America’s predicament — and who, in desperation, have turned to Trump for bold action.

It’s hard to overstate Americans’ concern for the state of the nation. Horrified by President Obama’s Sherman-esque march through America, they are tired of hearing that nothing can be done. They are through with empty promises from establishment politicians.

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Immigration Reform: Now is the Time to Abolish the Welfare State

Immigration Reform: Now is the

Time to Abolish the Welfare State


Democrats are keen on not letting a crisis go to waste. As soon as the Virginia shooting took place, liberals were immediately calling for more gun control even though the man who murdered the two news crew workers jumped through all the legal hoops. You can’t legislate against evil and crazy.

Donald Trump has lit a fire under the immigration debate. What he’s not talking about is the magnet that draws so many immigrants to their wealthy northern neighbor – the welfare state.

The only way we are going to win the anti-illegal immigration battle is to go to the root of the problem: America’s unconstitutional wealth-transfer system. We need to remove the incentives for people who come to the United States for a free ride.

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America Desperately Needs a Vince Lombardi Lesson

America Desperately Needs a Vince

Lombardi Lesson

Posted on August 11, 2015 by Dave Jolly Filed under Constitution, Government, History

On December 26, 1960, Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Championship Game. The Packers scored first and lead 3-0 at the end of the first inning. The Eagles fought back and took a 10-6 into the locker room at half time. Neither team scored in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr threw for a touchdown and Paul Hornung kicked the extra point to give the Packers a 13-10 lead. However the Packers failed to stop the Eagles and running back Ted Dean ran 5 yards for a touchdown then their kicker made the extra point, giving the Eagles a 17-13 victory over the Packers.

In July 1961, Green Bay Packers players arrived for their first day of training camp. They expected for their legendary head coach Vince Lombardi to start teaching more about the game of football so they could advance and hopefully win the championship. However, Lombardi knew just what the team really needed. He told the team that they needed to go back to the fundamentals of football. Then he stretched out his hand and told his players:

“This is a football.”

Lombardi knew that his players needed to be taken back to the basics of the game before they improved themselves. They had lost the championship game the year before because they forgot the fundamentals. Starting with the fundamentals, the Packers went on that year to defeat the New York Giants 37-0 in the NFL Championship game and established themselves as a football dynasty.

America started with sound fundamentals and they became a champion in their own right. By the end of World War 2, America was considered to be the most powerful and influential nation in the world.

However we have strayed far from our fundamentals and today many no longer consider us to be the most powerful or influential nation in the world.

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No, You Don’t Have the “Right” to do whatever you want

Constitution: No, You Don’t Have

the “Right” to do whatever you


Written by Bethany Blankley

If people can define, grant and protect human rights, they also can redefine, constrain and/or eliminate them. If people can create equal living, learning, and economic environments, equal levels of human intelligence, athleticism, aptitude or any other quality, then people could redefine, alter, limit, or eliminate such classifications of equality.

However, if human rights are God-given, then human rights and equality of human beings pre-exist any manmade law. Human, civil, and legal rights would not be inherently subjectively based on personal preferences, feelings, or choices– which frequently change.

Yet if the responsibility, privilege and duty to self-govern were given to people by God, then neither the government nor the people could “do whatever they want.” Human rights are not human creations, therefore they cannot be taken away by people or leaders of any government.

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